Monday, November 5, 2012


This is the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus. We bought all day passes so we could go on as many rides as we wanted. There are also tons of carnival games, food, arcade games, etc for extra money. :) We just did the rides. Some rides were just for the kids, and other we could all go on together. Richard and Ben and I could go on the big roller coaster and the water ride, so we took turns with Richard and let the two littler boys go on other rides while Richard rode the roller coasters several times. :) 
They are just getting warmed up. The day gets better. This was the only ride Richard didn't like. But he rode the gigantic roller coaster several times...silly kid.
I think they were in shock when they got off. I was so worried at the beginning of our time would their stomachs hold up? They were all fine and all had a ton of fun. :)
They went on the Thunderbirds several times throughout our day.
The Drifters was just a mini ferris wheel, and you can see some of the park (all indoor) from this shot.

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