Monday, November 5, 2012

Las Vegas Trip

Visiting the Ethel Chocolate Factory in Henderson NV. The boys loved the little M&M shop...I did too, especially since we didn't have time to visit the big one on The Strip.
 The Cactus Botanical Gardens at the Ethel Chocolate Factory. We didn't just come for the chocolate. :)

See the patch of Rabbit ears? We learned a lot about cactus. But our favorite is still the Joshua Tree.

Stopped at McDs for lunch and once the happy meal toys wore out there play time Spencer discovered that the arm rests from his car seats can be removed. Thus. He is imitating the boxing game from Wii sports...

The Volcano show at The Mirage was pretty spectacular. You could really feel the heat.
                                 At the hotel swimming pool...a bit small, but fit our needs. :)

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