Monday, November 5, 2012

More Halloween

 Couple more pictures of us at the Haunted Nightmare Express in Lindon. We went back a second night so Ben could enjoy it too.
 Then the next night Ben had to work but I took the boys to a community carnival. It only cost $3 a person for us and was really fun and well put together.Here the boys are guessing the amount of candy in the jars. I don't think we won any, but that's ok. Ben brought home a big jar of candy corn because he guessed closest. -he was only 2 off. I don't care for candy corn, so it's ok that he won it because I won't eat any. Ha!

 We did the cake walk

 Gepetto's workshop
 Hot dog dinner in Willy Wonka's candy factory
And I persuaded Richard to participate in the candy eating contest. He got to gulp down a huge blue pixie stick...he did really well too and although he didn't win he got a yummy treat. :)

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