Thursday, July 2, 2009

Carnival Extreme!

We went to the Strawberry Days parade in Pleasant Grove on June 20th. The weather just barely held out. It threatened to rain the whole time, and it did for a little while. We sought shelter under a roofed 3-walled picnic area. I was surprised no one else did. We ate our picnic lunch and then scoped out the carnival across the street. We only did the roller coaster, and I won the toss as to which parent got to ride with the boys...just kidding, but I wanted to go so Ben was happy to oblige. I don't often say "I really want to do this" so when I do Ben is usually very happy to let me do what it is I want. In this case, a simple rollercoaster! It was really fun, but after about 4 turns I was ready to get off, and yet, it went around a total of 9 times. I counted. After naps we went to the carnival at Alberstons just down the road from our hosue. The only thing I wanted to do was the ferris wheel, but I got talked in to going on what would become Richard's favorite ride, the Tornado! Garrett liked the motorcycles and the cars the best. I laughed so hard when I watched all 3 of the boys coming out of the house of glass...Garrett tried going the wrong way and ran SMACK into a pane! It was so funny! Poor little guy. :) He is tough; it didn't even phase him!
It started to pour around 4pm, so we really didn't get a lot of use out of 'unlimited ride' wristbands and we were quite disappointed, aside from being super wet. But we went home and had dinner, dinked around the house, had baths and got pajamas on, and then, Ben stole Richard back to the carnival at 8 because the sun had some back out! They were there until 11:30pm! Ben said Richard went on that Tornado ride about 20 times...he must have his Daddy's stomach, not mine! Even though Richard doesn't look it, he absolutely loved the carnival! Here he is with 2 little neighborhood friends and Ben. I could fill a whole blog with all that we did, but we'll just say they definitely got their money's worth.

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