Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little Richard

Richard keeps telling me when he grows up he's going to be a Dad. Don't you think he makes a great show of it? He is so kind to Spencer; always talking to him and playing with him. The baby laughs so much when Richard is around. Garrett and Richard try hard every day to get along...it's not always easy. I love little Richard so much. He always tries so hard. Before swimming lessons today he told me was going to put his face in the water (we practiced in the tub last night) and he did it! And he liked it! He loves riding his bike outside. He is so thoughtful of other's feelings. He loves making us happy. He loves hugs and reading. He's a great boy.


Olivia Carter said...

So sweet. It's nice to write down and remember all those little things about the kiddos, huh? He's such a cutie!

burlingtonbabe said...

We loved seeing him in Utah when we were there. He's such a ball of fun!! My kind of kid.