Monday, July 27, 2009

July 24th Camping!

Spencer is almost sitting on his own. He leans forward too much, but he's getting there! I remember Garrett would lean BACK and we'd expect him to fall over any second...that boy had great ab muscles!

This is Garrett at about 7 months old at my Mom's house.

This is Spencer on our July 24th over night camping trip. He likes camping. :) We went to Nunn's Park up Provo Canyon. We used Ben's new gas grill I got him for Christmas, and we had hot dogs and chili, and made s'mores. Then we did some sparklers in a nearby Orem neighborhood since fire works weren't allowed up Provo canyon. The boys were pretending to go fishing with their long sparklers. Then Spencer and I went home for a quiet, uninterupted sleep. We got up once at 6am, and then got to sleep until 8:30am! Lovely! Thank you Ben for letting me sleep by taking the boys camping! Woohoo!

In the morning Ben and the boys were up by 7 and they went on a little walk up by Bridal Veil falls. I'm glad I at least thought to pack jackets and was cold in the morning!


Olivia Carter said...

I can't believe your lil' guy is already sitting up! WOW- he's so cute!

The Jensen Fam said...

Looks like you guys had a great camping trip. With three little boys that will one day be scouts you gotta teach them how to camp while they're young!

Leslie said...

looks like fun! I LOVE the pictures of you with the boys! I need to be in more pictures I'm always the one taking them.