Monday, July 6, 2009

Daly Family Reunion

The family tree has grown a ton since we saw it last in 2003. On mine and Ben's branch that year it had a leaf for "Baby". This year there are 12 leaves for great-grandkids for Arthur and Delna, with one more on the way.

We had a great time at the lunch. Garrett couldn't keep still for more than 2 minutes, so he and Ben ended up wandering the halls of the little branch building, but I really enjoyed hearing the stories and presentations about our great-grandmothers.

Ben made us some really neat T-shirts. Arthur's family color this year was yellow. Check out the iron-on he made...:)

There was a pinata for the little kids...and Grandpa even got to take a few swings!

The blur on the trampoline is Garrett. Several kids got to take a turn as the adults spiked them up in the air. Garrett is a dare-devil and he showed no emotion, but afterward he said he liked it.

We did go to the old cabin to show the boys. Here are a few shots of them as they walked around with Cousin Warren, one of Tom's sons-in-law.Ben of course had to scope out the ol' outhouse!...I didn't notice that they had actually gone inside it...And, the T-shirt Garrett is wearing is either mine or Shannon's from the reunion back in 1987...cute, huh?


Olivia Carter said...

Whoa! What a blast! Looks like so much fun. And VERY organized- nothing like my family reunions! ha!

Rachel said...

Those t-shirts are awesome! I especially like the outhouse shot.